Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekend in Sedona

This past weekend, I spent catching up with my old friend, Emilie, at her house in Oak Creek Village.   I drove up Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday afternoon.  Emilie was a teacher at Gilbert El when I was the principal and then moved to northern Arizona to teach at NAU.   She was also my neighbor here in Gilbert for a few years.

Emilie is truly one of the good people on this earth.   She would give you the proverbial "shirt off her back" if that you needed it.  In addition, she is fun to be around!!!  

We were able to catch up on the many years that we haven't seen each other and it was so good.   Her two sons are doing great.  John is married to Maya and Joe will be getting married in September.  I got to see John and Maya, but not Joe--hopefully next time!  They are both great young men.

Emilie's family is much like ours.  Her roots go back to Spain and I have attended several of her family functions.  I was fortunate to be able to get to know her parents and her aunts and uncles through the years!   Her family reunions and parties are very similar to ours.   She has a big, extended family like the Scott Family!

Since I exercise and walk every day and have to get my steps in, I brought my music and iPod and we danced the weekend away!!  It was fun and I got all of my steps in!   As we said, we had a 4D weekend!!!

Sunday morning we went to breakfast with my former principal and assistant superintendent in Gilbert, Sherryl Valentine and her husband, Tom.  It was so nice to visit with Sherryl and meet Tom.  I have met Sherryl a couple of times in Tucson while I was in Douglas  and it is always fun to talk to her.

Both Sherryl and Emilie have similar political views as I do.   And so it was great to talk politics with them!

One of the things that Emilie and I talked about was my thoughts on a new job.   Prior to July 2nd (not sure why that is the day that I had an epiphany), I thought I wanted to work full time because I felt that I still have a lot to offer.   I had a scheduled job interview on Monday in Tucson with a non-profit organization as their chief educational officer.  I love the vision that this organization has in working with troubled young people.   However, I do not want to put in the long hours that are required for any of these jobs.  I have done the long hours for 26 years now as this is how long I have held an administrative position.  I don't want that again now that I realize how wonderful not having such responsibility is.  So I decided to cancel the interview and I feel very good about it.

I am loving being able to reconnect with old friends and I absolutely am going to continue.  I don't have to worry about being at work the next day or on Monday anymore....

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Nancy Proffitt said...

That is GREAT that you got to spent time with Emilie and Sherryl ~ two wonderful people!!! Good thinking about your job!