Friday, July 17, 2015

McDonald's Memories (44 years in 44 days)!

Somehow in the wind down of my last days as a public school educator and retirement, I lost a year.   I had done 43 years in 43 days in I was actually an educator for 44 years!   So here is my 44th post that should have done a few months ago.

In the midst of all of the organizing I have been doing since I moved back to Gilbert, I found a photo album with pictures from the first time I worked at McDonald's in 1997.     It brought back such great memories of the many times that we held fundraisers there for Gilbert El.   And it should have been one of my 43 day posts if I had remembered it.    Since the 43 days are up, I will continue to write as I remember different events over my incredible career!

When we held a fundraiser at McDonald's, they would give us a percentage of how much we made.  I worked behind the counter along with other faculty and staff members.  It seemed like all of the kids would get in my line--sometimes it was really backed up!  Talk about pressure!!  Trying to take the orders and then trying to get the straight when they didn't want onions or something.  It gave me a new respect for the fast food workers!!   

I did this several times over the years and it was always a great fundraiser.  I had a "tip" jar for the kids to give me tips which went to the school.  I also had a bell that I rang every time that someone put money in and we would all cheer.  What fun those days were!!!   I have said more than one time that being an elementary school principal is the best job in the world and I will always cherish the 21 years of wonderful memories that I have of my days at Gilbert Elementary.  It was more than just a school. It was (and I think still is) an incredible community of parents, faculty, staff and students.  Those were the best of times!!!

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