Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 1 of the Retirement Journey

It seemed so weird today to not get up and copy my blog post to Facebook.    For the 43 days, I have done a post each day talking about my career and how fabulous it was.   Today I didn't have any more to write because today it is official.

We got back from Alabama yesterday evening and today I am going to try to get organized here at my Gilbert house.   I still have things to get in Douglas, but that can wait for awhile.  

I am also very excited today as I get together with my dear friends, Jill, Bev, Susie and Sharon, at lunch.   I have missed the girls so much and I can't thank them enough for the times they came down south and for their friendship these past many years, but especially the past five!

I am going to continue to write on my blog.  My 43 year journey was mostly all positive.  The past two years have not been so positive because of the idiocy of a few people who have no conscience about their actions and no regard for children.   I absolutely believe that "what goes around, comes around" and that these mean-spirited people will someday get something back for  the absolute harm that they do on a daily basis to innocent children.  However, I don't want to waste my valuable time thinking about them and their twisted psyches.   They are the sad ones and I can only feel sorry for the choices that they have made to be hurtful and do damage.  My friend, Wally, always says that the media never lets the "truth get in the way of a good story."  That fits this situation perfectly as it is unbelievable how the truth has been twisted to meet the convoluted minds of some people!

My journey is not over and I have been overwhelmed by the positive comments from so many people.   It is evident that my time in Douglas was well spent by the amount of tears, hugs, cards, and sincere comments that I have received from parents, teachers, classified staff and community members.   They all say to ignore the idiots because that is exactly what they are!   So I am happy to be done with that part of the job.  It was the only part of being in Douglas that was difficult.  Everything else was absolutely great and as I have said before, I will cherish those days and always hold a special place in my heart for these wonderful people.   I know that the District is is a far better place than when I got there five years ago!

And as I wrote before, the mere fact that I stayed through my entire contract despite the ugliness of a few, has actually served me well.  I have had so many phone calls asking about possible jobs because of what I have done and how I have held my head high.  It has been unbelievable how many people in the education community have heard about the absolute nonsense of a few and have known that what I have dealt with has been absolutely false at so many levels.    I am not sure what I want to do and I am going to explore options.  But right now, I don't want to do anything for awhile.  I want to relax, see old friends, and just catch my breath!    

So today is the first day of the rest of my life.  We will see what new experiences there will be!

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