Monday, July 13, 2015


Last Monday morning, I went to the local Coffee Rush to meet with Debra Garza, former Gilbert El art teacher, to plan the tile project that she is going to do at Gilbert El.  I will write more about that later as it is awesome!!

Anyway, we were sitting at one of the larger tables chatting when a lady bustled over to us.  I thought she was going to ask us to move to a smaller table because it appeared she had a group with her.  Turned out I was wrong!   She is a minister and was there to perform a wedding and needed two witnesses so she asked Debra and I if we would be willing to witness the wedding.   Of course we said yes!!!  

The young couple were there by themselves so the minister invited all of the people at Coffee Rush to go out on the patio for the ceremony.  I think there were probably between 10 and 15 people who did not know the bride and the groom.

Debra was the official photographer and how lucky there were to have someone with an artistic eye to be able to take the pictures.  It was a very nice ceremony and it was fun to be a part of it.   It is certainly not something that has ever happened to me before!!!  Who would have thought having coffee at 9:00 a.m. would also include witnessing a wedding??????

They asked for our contact information as they intend to have a reception later on and would like to invite us!!  I hope that they do!!!

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