Thursday, July 20, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 13 (Elks Club and other stories)

I remember hearing so many stories as I was growing up about different events during the years.    Some of my information is completely accurate.   Others are just what I can remember.   I know they happened, but I don't know the exact circumstances.

Teresa always liked to tell stories about her dad and her grandma, Ellen Roughan.   I think Teresa was a bit of a daddy's girl from things she has told me through the years.

When I moved to Douglas, I decided to join the Elks Club.   This was for a variety of reasons.   Our grandfather was very involved the Elks and became one in 1905 in Leadville, Colorado.    The other reasons is it gave me a "safe" place to go that wasn't really in public when I was a small town superintendent.  And third, I got a great deal on renting it for our family reunion by being a member.  So I went through the initiation and I am officially an Elk.

Sometimes Teresa and I went to Taco Tuesday or the Friday fish fry.    She always loved to go there and she knew several people there.   They were always glad to see her.

The Elks Club is about six blocks from 858.   Teresa said there were times when she was a little girl that she would have to go to the Elks to let her dad know it was time for dinner.   She said he always liked to go there and enjoy a few drinks, play a bit of poker and just talk to his friends.  Teresa said sometimes she had to stay for awhile.  But she always loved going to the Elks Club.

Our grandfather's name is in the "big" room and he was one of the early members of the Douglas Elks.

The other story I remember Teresa telling me was about at one time when the Pancho Villa era was happening, our grandfather's train was hijacked by Pancho Villa's forces.  He was a conductor on the Southern Pacific Railroad and his route was between Douglas and El Paso.      So that would make sense that it could have happened.    Fortunately, no one was hurt that I was ever told.   

Like everything else, I wish I had asked more questions.    That was one of the great things being in Douglas with her those five years.  She reminisced a lot.   I know how hard it was on her to be the only one left of her seven beloved siblings.   But what a blessing for us to have had her for so many years!!

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