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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 18 (Grandma and Grandpa Roughan and Some Family Information)

Teresa talked often through the years of her grandmother, Ellen Roughan.    She loved her dearly and it sounds from the stories that I heard that she was much like Teresa in her personality.

She and our great grandfather were both from Ireland.   Matthew Roughan was from County Cork and Grandma Roughan was from County Mayo, God help  us.   That phrase was always added after County Mayo.

I am not sure when they emigrated to the U.S. but they lived in Easton, Pennsylvania as that is where our grandmother Katie was born.  

Grandpa Roughan was a miner and they lived in Leadville, Colorado.   I believe that is where Grandma Scott me and married our grandfather, E.A. Scott.   He worked for the railroad.

Grandma and Grandpa Roughan moved to Bisbee in 1903 when the copper mines were doing well.   They homestead in the valley near Double Adobe.   I think Grandpa Roughan stayed in Bisbee when he worked and came home on his days off.  Although it is not that far, it would have taken a lot of time during those days.

Grandma Roughan had a cow and the cow had twins a couple of times.  There was a farmer who really wanted to buy the cow because of the fact that it had twins, so Grandma Roughan finally sold it to him.   According to Teresa, the cow never had twins again.

Grandpa Roughan died in 1912 and so she became a midwife.   I remember Teresa telling stories about how she would go live with a family and take care of them, help clean and then deliver the baby.   She did this for many years and was well loved.   By this time, she was living in Douglas.

Our grandparents moved to Douglas in 1912.  I am not sure if that was one of the reasons or not, but that is for a later post. 

One of our cousins who was actually the grand daughter  of my grandmother's sister, Annie, sent me this information recently.  I did not know this.

Our great grandmother, Ellen, had several children who died young.  This is what Margaret Bayne sent me:
John, born 1850 Tommy, born 1883; died 1886 Catherine, born 1884 Mary, born December 1885, died November 1886 Annie, 1889 Margaret, born 1895, died same day Elizabeth, born July 1900, died Oct 1900  

The only ones who lived to adulthood were John, Catherine and Annie.   John died young and is buried in Bisbee.  

I am going to try to share a link on their gravesite if I can.   


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