Monday, July 24, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 17 (Teresa's last trip--to see Patrick's new home)

As I am staying here in Oakland while Patrick and Eduardo are in Cuba, it has brought back memories of Teresa's last trip.  Kerri, Cameron and I had taken her to Virginia for the Scott Family Reunion at the Farm over the 4th of July weekend.   I thought that would probably be her last trip as it was very hard on her.

However, it was very important to me for her to see Patrick's house in Oakland.  I had helped him buy it the previous March.   I knew that it would have been very important to her before the dementia started to kick in so much.  At that point, she was in and out of it depending on the day.

We planned a weekend.   Judy, Kerri, and Cameron came with us.   They stayed at a hotel and Teresa and I stayed with Patrick.   Saturday night we had a barbecue and invited the many family members who live in the Bay Area.   Most of them came and Teresa had a wonderful time.   For many of them, it was their last time to see her.   

Several of the cousins who weren't able to come Saturday came on Sunday and spent a few hours with her.

We stayed a few extra days after Kerri, Judy and Cameron went home.   The trip was a bit hard on her.   Although I am really glad that we came so that the cousins could visit with her, it was really so important to me to have her see Patrick's house.

He has overcome a lot of issues.   We are so proud of him and what he is doing with his life.   

I thought I had taken pictures, but I apparently didn't so I am just posting pictures of the outside of his house, the side yard that was filled with tables and chairs (and family) in September and the living room.   What touches my heart is the picture in the top right hand corner of the living room picture.   It is a sketch of 858 in Douglas.

Being here is so relaxing and peaceful for me right now.   I will be going back the 25th for the start of the school year where I have to welcome new teachers one day, do Teresa's eulogy at St. Mary's, welcome back all Gilbert teachers (in two sessions) with a lighthearted speech and the the eulogy again at St. Luke's.     I know I can do it!  I am trying to get my crying out of the way here remembering her and remembering how much she loved to travel for family events.   It means a lot that this was her last trip!!

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