Saturday, July 22, 2017

Oakland Trip Made Special with Dear, "Old" Friends

Patrick asked me if I would like to go to Cuba with him  a few months ago.    The last two summers we spent a week in the Caribbean, which was really fun.    However, Cuba is not a place that I really want to visit so I said no.   With all that has happened over the last month and with the passing of Teresa, it is better that I didn't go.

However, he did ask if I would stay at his house while he is  gone and take care of my grandpug, Paco.   I did that last March and it turned out to be a great getaway for me.

This time I asked my friends, Elise and Jessie, if they would like to join me.  So they got airplane tickets and flew out on Thursday.

Yesterday we went into San Francisco and spent the day walking around Chinatown, walking down to Fisherman's Wharf and then meeting a friend from Douglas who we hadn't seen in years.  

We  found an Irish Pub, BarNua where they have Magners.   Elise and Jessie had to drag me out of there.  But we did have a toast to my Aunt Teresa.   I love this sign that was in the bar.

And here is a picture of Elise and I enjoying ourselves.

We then went to eat at the Stinking Rose and met our friend from high school in Douglas, Pam Stine.  She and Elise were very close and I always liked her.   She was a few years behind me in school.   The Stinking Rose is a garlic restaurant and is probably my favorite restaurant ever.

That was followed by Beach Blanket Babylon.  It is a musical parody and I have seen it so many times.  The last time was in March.  I think I could go to it once a month.   They make fun of politicians and public figures in a very hilarious way.

Today we are headed to Jack London Square.   We will walk around and find a good place for sea food or whatever we can find.

I love having Jessie and Elise here.   They have been such great friends to me for several years and I can never thank them enough for their friendship.

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