Friday, July 14, 2017

94 Years remembered in 94 Days-Post 7 (Irish Songs and saying the Rosary)

Teresa had such a strong belief in her Catholic religion.   She embodied what the term "Christian" should mean.    She was accepting of everyone and found the good in people.   She always greeted everyone with a hug and a kiss and left with an "I love you."    Her sincerity was authentic at every level.    

She said her novenas and prayed the rosary every day.  Prayer was  extremely important to her and she absolutely believed in the power of prayer.

From the time I can remember, every time we got in the car to go on a trip, we said the rosary as a family along with her novenas.   When we would go to the cabin for the day after we had gone to Mass, we said the rosary.     It was just a part of how I grew up.

After we said the rosary, we would sing--mostly Irish songs.   Teresa had a very nice voice and she taught us the words to many songs.   Her favorite song was "I Will Take You Home Again, Kathleen."   She always got teary when she sang it and said it reminded her of her mom.   The other songs that we always sang were "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra," "Danny Boy,"  and  "MacNamara's Band."   Of course, I always sang along at the top of my lungs never realizing I didn't have a good  voice.   My mom drove and didn't sing because she knew she didn't have a good voice, but no one told me any different.   It wasn't until I was in 7th grade choir at Loretto that Sister Daria asked me to please mouth the words that I found out that what was my beautiful Irish voice really wasn't!!!!

I remember getting her an iPad so that she could read books that I would buy and could share with her, but the best part was when I found her favorite Rosary Novena and was able to download it on  her iPad.   She became a "techie" saying her rosary and using her iPad.

When Teresa was living with us last fall and was really starting to slip mentally, there were a few times that I would get my iPod out and put out a speaker and we would listen to Bing Crosby singing all of the Irish favorites.   She would sing along (as would I).   We made quite the pair.  She still had her beautiful voice and she remembered the words to every song.

She always cried when she heard some of the songs until these times.  She just sang her heart out.    I know that I will definitely get teary every time I hear any of these songs because they will always remind me of Teresa and my mom and the wonderful childhood we had!!!

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