Monday, July 31, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Posts-Post 24 (Funeral at St. Mary's/pictures)

This is the beautiful collage of pictures of Teresa that Kerri and her friend, Shea, put together.   They tried to get as many pictures of Teresa with someone from each family.    It really came out nice and they got a lot of compliments on it.

The funeral mass at St. Mary's was beautiful.   The music and the cantor did an amazing job.   Ken, Ryan, Cameron and Patrick were the pall bearers who walked her urn up the aisle.   Our whole family followed.    

The church was very full.  Our family alone can do that, but I was so touched that so many of my friends were there.    Gilbert Public Schools was very well represented.   Friends of Judy's, friends of mine, and friends of Kerri's were there.   Most of them knew Teresa through the years.  There were also a number of people from Douglas whose parents were Teresa's friends.   Some even flew in from other places and that was so much appreciated.

I knew I had to hold myself together to do the eulogy.   Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have had to do many eulogies through the years for dear friends and family.   This one was probably the hardest one I have ever had to do.

The one song that always gets to me is the Ave Maria.   I was able to hold myself together, though.  Kerri went up with me to stand by me when I spoke.  I did fine until I got to the part about the relationship between Teresa and Cameron, but I made it through it.  I will post the eulogy later this week.

Ken went up after I did and thanked many people for what they have done to help these past few years.   What touched me a lot was the fact that he acknowledged Gilbert Public Schools for their support.

We walked out of the church together to the "Catholic" version of Danny Boy.   It was so perfect!!

The reception following was well attended and fun.  We played Irish music in the background.   

After the reception was over, most of us stayed around the lobby, did a few toasts to Teresa, and visited with family.   We spent the night at the Sheraton, which made it nice.

I have heard from so many people how beautiful the Mass was and how great the music was.   It was a tribute to a great lady.   It is truly the end of an era and I miss her!!!

Still have one service to go as we need to celebrate her life in Douglas at St. Luke's next Saturday.

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