Saturday, July 22, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 days-Post 15 (Teresa's 90th Birthday)

I got to Oakland to stay at Patrick's while he and Eduardo go to Cuba.  I arrived on July 18 and will be here until Tuesday, July 25.    While I am here, I remembered that July 19-23, 2012 was our last family reunion in Douglas.   It was also to celebrate Teresa's 90th birthday which was July 30.   It is exactly five years ago.

The picture of the house is what I used for a blog to let family know about different things to do in southeastern Arizona while they were there.  Lots of history and great places to visit.  I also included a lot of information about the reunion.   The grandchildren of Katie and E. A. Scott were very generous in making this happen for all of the family, especially the younger members.

Teresa wanted to do something for all of the grandkids and the great grandkids.  So we ordered glasses from Tervis in her honor with each person's name on it.   This is a picture of Patrick's that he has at his house.  We have Kerri's and Cameron's at our house in Gilbert.

We had 175 family and close friends for the first night in Douglas.   I had made red and green chili meat, beans, salsa and fresh tortillas in the backyard at 858.  Of course, we had plenty of beer in ice chests as well as a bar set up on the patio.    I had been able to get tables, chairs and a nice canopy for the backyard.   Some family came early and that was great.

On Saturday, we did a family picture.  We were able to use Douglas High School Stadium (home of the Bulldogs) for the picture.   It was the only venue that could hold all of our family.   

We then had a dinner at the Elks Club.   I remember having to tell the guys at the last minute how many people would be there.  My final count was "I have no "frigging" idea how many people will be there because Teresa kept inviting people.    

Everything ended up wonderful.   Lots of people from Douglas came.  We had a banner with her picture on it and saying it was her 90th.  It flew on the flagpole in front of the Elks Club.   Before that it was on the front of the house at 858.

Sunday, everyone went to Mass at St. Luke's and Teresa was honored there.  Most of the family attended.  

Those who stayed, went back to the Elk's Club for dinner on Sunday.  It was a much smaller crowd and was hosted by the Reidy's.   That had been the tradition for the last few reunions.

I remember my Elk's friends asking if we could have a reunion every summer because it generated so much money for them (at the bar, especially) that they had a great year financially!!!

During this time of mourning, it is so nice to remember the two very important events that happened--her 85th and 90th birthday celebrations.    I wonder if it is just a coincidence that it happened during this time exactly five and ten years ago??????  I don't think so.

But the memories that were created for all of our family and friends can never be taken away.   And these were all about family which was what Teresa was all about.  
I love these memories and I am loving sharing them.      

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