Saturday, July 15, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 8 (Vacations)

When I look back on my childhood, it was really only 18 years of my life.   However, I truly believe that those 18 years are the most impactful years.   And as a child, what happened a few times, can seem like a lot more.

Our vacations always revolved around the family. For both my mom and Teresa, their brothers and sisters were most important.   We often went to Phoenix to stay with Matt and his family for the weekend.    I will always remember when we would first hit the valley and you could smell the orange blossoms and the flowers on Baseline Road.   There weren't any freeways in those days so the trip took a bit longer than it does today.   I could hardly wait to get up to Phoenix and be with the cousins.   We were talking the other day, and Matt was 15 years older than Teresa.   That means that she never really grew up with him.    However, that age difference had no bearing on the love of family.

For several years, all of the family would meet in Santa Barbara.  We all stayed at the same hotel.  We went there because our cousin, Eddie, was becoming a Franciscan priest and later, our cousin, Yaya, was in the convent near Santa Barbara.   I loved going to the beach and being with all of the cousins.

In the summers, we would go out to Sacramento and visit Dot's family.  We were also able to see Bill's family at times when we were out there.  Again, that was the highlight for me as a kid to get to go play with the cousins.

I think there were many times at Christmas that Dot and her family came to Douglas.   Like I said earlier, it may have only been a few times, but when you are a child, time has such a different perspective.

Johnny's son, John Edward, would often bring his family to Douglas to visit Johnny.   Johnny loved having his granddaughters there.

Our Uncle Tom came often when my grandma was alive to visit her.   Because they were so far away, we didn't get to see them until we were older and then had many trips back east to visit.   Teresa always went along.

Teresa dearly loved all of her brothers and sisters.   She valued and loved all of her nieces and nephews and then the great and great great ones.   She especially loved babies.   She was always the first to hold a new baby.  I doubt that their are many Scott descendants who weren't held multiple times by Teresa.

She had a very special relationship with her sister, Dorothy.    I will never forget when Dot died.   Teresa had been with her for some time just prior to her death.  She was on her way  to southern California with Joan when my mom called me.   She asked me to get in touch with Teresa to let her know.   I will always remember having to tell her that her dear sister had passed.

Through the years, Teresa has attended most family events from weddings, to anniversaries, reunions and also funerals.   Fortunately, we have had so many fun family events.    Our cousin, Jan, said one time that we all needed to go to the fun events, not just the funerals.   And I believe that happened.   

Over the last several years, we went with Teresa to many of these events.   She could hardly wait to go to them.

At the weddings, she was given a place of honor because she was the only one of the seven siblings still alive.   She absolutely loved that!!!  She was so proud of each and every one of her nieces and nephews and I know that the feeling is mutual.

She will be missed in so many ways and at so many levels!!!!!

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