Monday, July 10, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 3 (Memories from Jo Ann Salem)


This was posted on my Facebook page earlier this afternoon.  It is from Joanne Salem.   Joanne's mom was Helen Peddicord and they go way back with our grandmother and even Grandma Roughan.   Joanne's sisters, Merl and Marcella, were significantly older than Joanne and Judy (her sister) and both were very dear friends of my mom's.   I don't remember ever not knowing the Peddicords.   

"My childhood memories are filled with the joy of the Scott household. The minute I entered the front door I felt an amazing comfort. I could tell your Mom and THERESA all my troubles and they would listen with kindness and love. I loved sleeping upstairs and hearing Theresa's footsteps as she approached to check on me and Judy. I am sure all the precious Irish ladies are in heaven now celebrating THERESA's arrival. Mom, Margaret, Judy, Merl, Marcella, and all of your Irish angels. Your Mom was at the front of the pack!! I thank them all for the love and memories."

From me as I can't quite figure out why the font has changed and I can't fix it.)

I don't remember ever not knowing the Peddicords.   I know that Joanne and Judy stayed overnight at our house during the week when they were going to Loretto.   They lived out in the valley which was about 30  miles away.  However, in those days 30 miles was a lot.

Our wonderful aunt Teresa and my mom always opened up our home friends who became like family.   And that what we always learned about the importance of family and friendships.    So many wonderful memories.

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