Saturday, July 29, 2017

94 Years Rememered in 94 Days-Post 22 (D.T. Living in Douglas)

This will be a short post.  But one of the many Tweets that our idiot president did today reminded me of something that happened last summer.   Teresa was starting to really decline mentally.   We were watching the news   and there was a story about Trump.

She looked at me and she said she remembered when he lived down the street from us on 14th Street in the 800 block.  She said to me, "I didn't like him as a neighbor, and I don't like him now either."  

I still laugh about this.  Because there is no way in hell that Trump would ever live in Douglas and especially on the 800 block!!

Maybe that is when he was planning  the wall!!  Who knows?? But I still love this story!! 

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