Friday, July 28, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 21 (Birthday Cards)

One of the many things that Teresa and my mom did for all of the kids in the family was to send each of them a card on their birthdays with  $1.00 in each card.   Sometimes the cousins were young adults and still got the card.   Although my mom supported doing this and loved it, Teresa was the one who made sure the cards were sent.

The most important reason for her to do that was so that all of the little kiddos would know who they were and that they were loved.   I could try to count how many but I know it was a lot because we have such a large, extended family.

After my mom died in 2002, I believe she stopped soon after.     I can't remember exactly when it was.   But often one of the younger cousins will say something to me about how much they appreciated getting the birthday cards.   

We even had family calendars made with birthdays on them.   Mike O'Connell and Tom Park helped get that done because they were in the printing business.

She always tried to call her nieces and nephews on their birthdays.    In 2009, I told her that I would do a blogpost about each one of her nieces and nephews on their birthdays.   I actually started in December, 2008.   I wrote something  about each one our cousins on their birthdays and it is still on my blog.

Teresa read each one and loved that I did this for her.   It meant a lot.  As I have mentioned so many times, family was the most important thing to her.    She will be missed by so many of us.   But we have been so blessed by her.

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