Friday, August 4, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 28 (Elks Club/Our Grandfather's membership card)

I came down to Douglas on Wednesday to finalize everything for Teresa's mass and celebration at the Gadsden Hotel.  I was dreading coming to stay at 858 knowing that she would never be in this house she loved so much.

In a conversation I had earlier with my cousin, Ted,  he said that several of his family were staying to come to Douglas.   So I asked him if he would like to stay with me at 858.   He jumped at the chance figuring it would be his final time.   So he, his sister, Jean, and niece, Sarah, got here around 3.   We were waiting for their sister, Kathy, her husband, Lynn, and their son, Lynn to get here.   While we were waiting, we started looking through the old desk.   

We found all sorts of treasures and much information that I will be able to use for future posts.  It was great to read all of the old newspaper articles.

I have belonged to the Douglas Elk's Club for several years.  They have hamburger Wednesday and so I asked them if they would like to go there for dinner.    Their father was an over 50 year member of this club here in Douglas, even after he moved from Douglas.   And of course, our grandfather was a member for many years.

In the treasures we found was our grandfather's membership for the Leadville, Colorado Elks Club for the 1909-1910 year.  He joined in 1905 I believe and when he came to Douglas, he joined the Elks Club here.

We had a great time reminiscing and enjoying the ambiance of the Elks Club where we always had at least one dinner at all of our family reunions.

For me to not be alone at 858, meant more than they know!  It means a lot that they all came down to Douglas.

Friday morning we all ate breakfast at the Gadsden.    Then Ted, Jean and I  met with the general manager of the Gadsden to finalize the reception.  After that we went to St. Luke's and met with Marsha to get everything ready for the Mass on Saturday.

Ted wanted to take a tour of Douglas and all of the places he remembered from visiting here when he was a child.    It has been a great two days.   

Again, thank you, Ted, Jean and Sarah for staying with me.   And thank you Lynn, Kathy and Lynn for being in Douglas, too!!

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