Thursday, August 10, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 34 (Tom Scott--Loretto School)

Tom Scott was the manager of the football team at Loretto in 1932.

This is  a program from the Loretto High School in Douglas:

Banquet and Entertainment
Honoring Loretto Football Team
Auspices Douglas Council No. 1858
Knights of Columbus

Loretto School
Douglas, Arizona
Saturday, Dec. 17th, 1932
7 p.m.

First page inside has the menu.
Second  page has the program.

Here is the last page just in case it is hard to read:

The Sisters of Loretto invite you to make a tour of inspection of their beautiful school building.   The members of the Football Team will act as your guides.

Loretto Tigers Football Team 1932

Bill Mahoney, Capt.
Jim Childers, Acting Capt.
Joe Adair
Leonard Beecroft
Dennis Best
Lloyd Branum
Edward Donnelly
Joe Donohoe
Alfonso Durazo
Nano Flores
Vernon Taylor, Adv. Mgr.
Ira Herbert
Ed. Hernandeez
Lewis Jordan
Ivan Kelter
Lester McGregor
Adrain Saurez
George Tato
James Griffith
James Guthrie
Tom Scott, Mgr.
   Ed Adair, Asst. Mgr.      

I am going to try to scan all of these articles, etc. and then send copies to any of the family who would like them. 

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