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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days--Post 35 (Teresa's Letter to the Editor)

During the five years I spent in Douglas, the majority of it was great.   However, there was one person who did everything he could to make my life miserable.   I was stalked at every level of  my life.    He attended 5 o'clock Mass and where I was a  reader quite often.    Many times by 8 on that Saturday night, I had a very nasty email from  him taking something out of the reading and then saying awful stuff about me.   He continually wrote letters to the editor, letters to the board, letters to any business we worked with about me.  The emails I received from him were often and awful.  

The reason I am writing about this as it was not only upsetting to me, but it was upsetting to Teresa.   She often told me that she didn't know what to do to help me.   She said that all she could do was pray and that she did.    

When I knew I was going to have a particularly difficult meeting, she said the rosary the entire time I was gone.   The minute she heard my car drive up, she had a gin and tonic ready for me and a vodka tonic ready for her and she would sit and listen to me rant and rave about the meeting.    There was one night I said to her that I was packing my bags and we were getting the hell out of Douglas the next day.   Of course, I calmed down a little bit and stuck it out until the end of my contract.

My mom was on the City Council in Douglas for 12 years after she retired.   She was the vice mayor and her good friend, Liz Williams, was the mayor.   Together they were quite a team.

In the old newspaper articles that we found, I came across this letter to the editor dated November 4, 1994.   AND IT IS WRITTEN BY TERESA (although I suspect it may have been written by my mom and Teresa signed it)!   It just really tickled me after our many conversations when I was going through so much.

Page 4, The Daily Dispatch, Friday, November 4, 1994
St. Bernard's hospitality 

Dear Editor:

I recently attended a County wide St. Vincent De Paul special luncheon at St. Bernard's Parish in Pirtleville.   The scrumptiousness of the luncheon was way out done only by the warm welcome extended to all present.

I thank the parishioners for their hospitality, also at the event was our Mayor Elizabeth Ames.  I am pleased to report that she was so lovingly received by the parishioners, it was so touching to me to see so many happy faces delighted with Liz.   I happened to be seated at the same table with her and it was a great tribute to a great lady by so many people.  I just thought this was something I should comment about since she has recently been subjected to what appears to be inaccurate and misguided criticism by members of our community who, unfortunately do not realize how lucky Douglas is to have such a gracious and generous person as its mayor.

Teresa Scott 

This would have been at the same time my mom was serving on the City Council.    And this is so typical Teresa.   She writes a letter to the editor about an event that happened at church and says so many positive things and then ends it with something so positive about Liz, who truly is a wonderful human.

But once again, when I was going through the old articles, I burst out laughing here by myself when I read that she actually WROTE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR!!!

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