Wednesday, August 23, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 47 (Article from Douglas Paper on Iron Eagle Dance)

No date on this newspaper article.

Iron Eagle Dance
Will Take Place
Tonight in Gym

Highlighting the week's activities is the dance tonight in the Douglas high school gym, sponsored by the ladies auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen.   Help defend your country by attending for the Brotherhood of Railway trainmen is sponsoring a nation wide move to buy a bomber, called the Iron Eagle, to be presented to the Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 26.

Special entertainment will include a patriotic program and singing ot the national anthem by Ben Flores; the presentation of the flag by Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross; trumpet solo, "God Bless America," by Jack Deeming, Jr. and the grand march to be led by Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Scott and Mr. and Mrs George B.  Pray.    The floor show, to be presented at 11, will include tap numbers by the Schwantes twins and J.C. Johnson.

The local auxiliary promises a good time to all loyal Americans.   Service men in Douglas will be admitted free.

Obviously, because of the reference to Roosevelt and defending our country, this must have occurred either just prior or during World War II.

Like so many other things that have triggered memories for me, this did when it mentioned the Railroad auxiliary.   I remember very well how involved our grandmother was in this auxiliary.  I remember getting to attend Christmas parties and various social events.  There was a group of ladies who were all wives of trainmen that I will always remember fondly. They were our grandmother's contemporaries, but I remember them well.

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