Saturday, August 12, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 36 (Douglas, Arizona "The Gateway of Two Republics)

I found this article from someone who posts about Douglas.  I thought it was quite interesting.   Our great grandparents moved to Arizona in1903.   Grandpa Roughan was a miner in Bisbee.   E.A. and Katherine Scott moved to Douglas in 1912.   Dot was born that November.   Arizona became a state on Feb. 14, 1912.   This advertisement is from 1913.   858 was built in 1915.   Teresa always told me that grandpa loved it as it was being built and wanted to buy it if it ever came on the market.   She told me that he bought it in 1918.   I found something on a paper written in my mom's handwriting that said it was purchased in 1919.

Anyway, I thought this was interesting information about the early days in Douglas when our family was there.  It was in Sunset Magazine.  

If you click on the article, it will show you the full article, not just the portion that shows here on the blog.


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