Monday, August 21, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Posts-Post 45 (Previous Post about Teresa and the Pugs)

I have been going back to look at some old posts that I did when Teresa and I spent those wonderful five years in Douglas.    I found this one.   Over the course of the years, Teresa came to love the pugs and they were such company for her. I remember one of the last times that she came to the house for dinner a few months ago and Diego was so excited to see her.    She didn't remember him and it was hard to watch that because he didn't understand why she wasn't as excited to see him as he was to see her.

I often think about those five years spent with her.    She couldn't have stayed on her own much longer and she was so happy to be in Douglas and at 858,  


I never thought it would truly happen, but Aunt Teresa has officially "gone to the dogs."  She wasn't real excited for me to bring the two pugs down here, but she has actually become quite attached to them, especially Diego (aka James).  

Every day she walks down the street to the mailboxes to get the mail.  A couple of days ago, she decided to take Diego with her.  Now he isn't real fond of leashes after the bad experience he had when he was a little puppy (a previous blog entry).  However, he has now figured that a leash means getting to go somewhere.  Lucy not only knows what a leash is, but even gets excited when the word is even mentioned.
So I had to hold Lucy when Teresa took Diego on the walk.  He walked very well and came back very happy.  He needs to go a bit farther on his walks as he is on a diet (sort of).  Since moving to Douglas, he has gained a few pounds!!

The next day Teresa took Lucy on her jaunt to the mailboxes.  Lucy isn't the best walker.  She tries to bite the leash and tends to run up and back.  At one time, poor Teresa was wrapped around the leash.  I can just hear the family if I had to report how she fell!!

But Diego had a FIT when he was left behind!!! He was out in the  front yard running up and down, howling and crying.  Our other dogs always seem to want to make a break to "look for a better life."  But not Diego.... he never wants to go out of the yard as he knows that he has a good life.  

That was until yesterday!  Teresa moves a bit slowly and when she opened the gate, Diego made a beeline out of the gate.  He has never tried this before.  He ran as fast as his fat little puggy feet could carry him down to the mailboxes.  He was hellbent on his mission to go to the mailboxes.  I went after him and he wasn't interested in anything other than getting to the mailboxes.  It was hysterical!!  I am not sure what exactly he thought he was going to see there when he was left behind, but he came back with me just fine.

So today, Teresa took Diego on the leash down to the mailboxes.    He was very content with his trip.  Poor Lucy---I doubt that she will get to go anymore.


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