Monday, August 14, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 38 (Following in Teresa's footsteps, too!)

Something funny happened on Saturday when I was talking to a friend who works for GPS.    She told me that there was a problem with her paycheck and the District issued her a "live" check.   The best part is that the check was signed by me and by our interim superintendent.  I didn't realize that I was signing  a live payroll check in my role as board president.

We got to laughing because I told the story in my eulogy about Teresa doing payroll all of those years with many of her "clients" being done for free on her part.  I told about how my mom would sometimes ask could they just donate a ream of paper.   Well, I just realized with that conversation, that I am doing almost the exact same thing!!!  I am doing "payroll" so to speak with no pay.

When my mom ran for and served three terms on the City Council of Douglas after she retired, she was paid (I think) $100 a month for that position.   Even in those days, that was not a lot for the amount of time that she put in to being a City Councilwoman.   When we spent summers there, she was often on the phone, at meetings and events all because of being a council member.  But she loved the 12 years that she did this.  And I know that Teresa loved her years doing bookkeeping and payroll.

This past week when I got back from Douglas, I had a very busy week.  We had a special Board meeting Tuesday night,  a meeting with administrators late Wednesday afternoon, and a community/parent forum on Wednesday evening.    In between, I attended several other meetings and events that have to do with my role on the Board, including a town hall this morning.   Although I have been exhausted, it has been good to be so busy.  

I really thought I was following more in my mom's footsteps by running for an elected office after retiring.   But after the paycheck story, I guess I am also following in Teresa's footsteps, too.   In Arizona board members do not get paid!  

I don't know why this tickled me so.   I think it was because I had not made the association and I had told the story when I did her eulogy.

What incredible role models I have had in my mom, Margaret, and my aunt, Teresa!!!

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