Sunday, August 6, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 30 (Burial and Reception in Douglas)

Yesterday we finally made it through the longest 34 days.   Teresa died July 2 and we had the final service and burial here in Douglas yesterday, August 5.

Many of our cousins either stayed or came back for this.  I was very touched by all of the family who was here.

There were many old family friends and many friends that I made in my five years living down here.    I so appreciate all of them.   They got to know Teresa because I took her to so many events during those years.    Several people told me a "Teresa" story and they were all about her kindness and her humanity.

I thought the Mass was beautiful.  Father Gilbert gave a wonderful sermon.  It was truly from  his heart because he dearly loved Teresa.   Dr. Ed Gomez, who was a board member during my time as superintendent, was a deacon.   Anna Parra's dad, Gabe Saspe, was also a deacon.   Anna was a parent when I was the principal of Gibert El and now teaches there.  She had told me at last week's service that her dad wanted to be a part of it.  He also did the graveside service.   Two of my very favorite young men, Patrick and Casey Hoyack, were the altar boys (men).  I had asked both of them to do this.   I love those two young men.  And a very special thank you to Marsha John for making sure everything went well.   We weren't going to have live music.  However, Marsha gifted us with music from Rudy Bernal.

I got to sit "by my mom" at the graveside service.  Cameron was with me and  he kept touching her gravestone.  I remember him doing this when Mary died in 2008.  

The reception at the Gadsden was wonderful.    We had cheese crisps and guacamole and some sandwiches and served beer and wine.   What a difference in price compared to the Sheraton!!!

Many people came to this and I was actually able to visit with some very dear friends.  I love so many of the people I worked with here.   

A very special group who came were four of my dear friends from the class of 1967.  They traveled from Tucson and Nogales to be there.   I was so touched.  Of course, they all  had wonderful memories of my mom, Teresa and Johnny.

Many of the family came back to 858 after the reception.   Douglas weather is so nice that we sat out in the backyard.   We ended up ordering tacos, beans and rice from one of the many great Mexican restaurants here.

Somehow,  I lost my voice, which could be a good thing for some people.   I don't feel badly but I can hardly talk. 

We will be heading home in just a bit and will be coming down often to clean out the house and get it ready to put on the market.    I can honestly say that this is going to be a very hard day for me.    I love this house and all of the memories, but it is just not feasible to keep it.

So now all we have left are the wonderful memories and they can never "be put on the market."     It is the end of an incredible era!!

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