Wednesday, August 2, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 26 (Mass Card and Reception)

Teresa loved roses, especially pink ones.    That is why there is a rose on the front of the Mass card.    We also made sure that there were some roses at her funeral on Saturday.     And her Urn has a beautiful pink rose on it.

There were over 100 Scott Family cousins at the service at St. Mary's.   Most stayed at the Sheraton and we had a good visit.    Several of the cousins are staying or coming back to go to Douglas next week.   Judy and I didn't expect this because we were trying to make it as convenient as possible.  

There were representatives from every one of her brothers' and sisters' families there.   Judy and I both appreciate this so much and it will forever mean so much.  There were also many members of the Reidy family in attendance.

The rosary was lead by a representative of each of the siblings and of the Reidys.  That meant a lot.  They were MaryLou Scott, Rosemary O'Brien, Jerry Reidy, Tom Park, and Ellen Johnson.

Yaya and Kerri did the first and second readings and Ted Park led the prayers of the faithful.   He did a masterful job of remembering those who have passed.  

Jean O'Connell, Lena O'Brien, Pat Rush, and Marion Steingrebe were eucharistic ministers.
Through the years, there were many special friends that were almost like family.  It touched my heart to see so many of them be at the service.    Two of the Brady's (Margaret and Mike) actually flew in for the service.     The Bradys have owned the cabin with us since we bought it in 1960.

All of the friends who came to the funeral were children of Teresa's friends.   As I have said many times before, she outlived the majority of her friends.    Again, I was so touched that so many people came who are originally from Douglas.

I would like to put the names of everyone but I am afraid I would leave some out and I don't want to do that.

I say it so often, but I feel so blessed to have the wonderful family that we have and the many incredible friends through the years.

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