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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 44 (Matt Scott's Award from St. Vincent de Paul)

The Catholic Sun Newspaper
November 5, 1998

Two honored as 'extraordinary servants'

By Carol Rennen

A lifelong Catholic and a distinguished rabbi may have different religious practices, but for these two Arizona men, a love for mankind and service to God has brought them side by side in the name of the poor.

Matthew J. Scott and Rabbi Albert Plotkin were honored Oct 15 as the first recipients of the Dan O'Meara Extraordinary Servant Award at a luncheon hosted by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul on West Watkins Road in south Phoenix, a facility the two honorees know well.

Scott, the only surviving founder of the Phoenix Society of St. Vincent de Paul, continues his service today at the age of 91.   He served as the first president of the Phoenix Council of St Vincent de Paul, and in 1952 established the first charity dining room in the city of Phoenix.   That program has since served more than 23 million free meals.

The dining room on Watkins Road and the Extraordinary Servant Award were named after Dan O'Meara, a cofonder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul who died Aug. 19, 1997 at the age of 76.

Wife of the late O'Meara, Peggy, presented the awards with tears of appreciation and words of praise for the years of service given by the recipients.  

Scott accepted his award in honor of the 17,000 Vincentians who work to provide daily meals for the poor in Arizona,  "Any of of them is as entitled to this as I am." he said.  "our work has been truly blessed by God."

Rabbi Plotkin accepted his award in the name of members of Temple Beth Israel.   Through Rabbi Plotkin's leadership, they volunteer to feed the poor during the Christmas Day and Easter Sunday to enable the Christian employees and volunteers to be home with their families.

In addition to his many community efforts to find solutions to help the poor, Rabbi Plotkin has served on the Mayor's Committee for the Homeless, the Mayor's Task Force on Drugs and Alchohol and the Governor's Task Force on Marriage and Divorce.

"These two fine men, as busy as they are with everything they do, still found the time to do the quiet things which no one would ever know about," said Steve Zablinski, executive director of St. Vincent de Paul.  "I am grateful, truly grateful, to Rabbi Plotkin and Matt Scott for their years of service for their love, their insight and their wisdom."

I remember this ceremony very well.   My mom and Teresa came up from Douglas and of course all of the Phoenix cousins were there.    

Our uncle Matt was so deserving of this award. Not too long after this, St. Vincent de Paul Society named the chapel at the south Phoenix location after Matt.
Our family heritage is amazing!!! 

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