Tuesday, September 19, 2017

94 Days Remembered in 94 posts-Post 74 (Starting the process to sell 858)

Last Friday afternoon, Judy and I went to Douglas to start the process of cleaning out almost 100 years of "stuff" at 858.    I have been absolutely dreading this.    Since Teresa died in July,  I knew this was inevitable and knew that the day would come where we would have to get started.

The top video is of a storm when we first got here.  I had let the pugs in the front yard while was getting things from my car.   It wasn't raining in the back yard, but the front was a different story.   Poor Diego and Seamus were completely drenched!!

Not only was a dreading the closure that this brings to so much of my life, it is also a lot of work.   

We went to dinner at the Gadsden.  As always, the Mexican food was delicious.  After that, Judy went back to the house and I met Carol, Lisa and Gabriel for drinks at the Gadsden.  I always love reconnecting with them.   Carol was my secretary during my tenure down here at superintendent and I absolutely love her.   Lisa is the best, too.

Saturday morning started with getting rid of all of  Teresa's clothes.  I took care of most of that upstairs and got all of the drawers and closets emptied.    We are donating the clothes.    

Judy took care of the downstairs.  I helped her a bit.   So much of what we found isn't worth saving.   I am taking the desk that belonged to my grandfather and a nice cedar chest upstairs.   Other than that, I have everything I wanted.

We found a great lady as a realtor who Carol knows.   She sent one of her brokers and they will do more of an appraisal in the next few weeks.  Douglas is a poor town and there are many vacant houses, but still a bit of a housing shortage.  I don't know if it is because people can't afford houses or what. We are probably going to ask for something in the high 80's which is almost unbelievable to me that a house like this and a yard and garage could go for so little.  But that is the market here in Douglas. 

Next weekend, Kerri and Chris will come down and get the few things that Kerri wants from the house.

As we were going through drawers and cabinets, I came across this picture.  My mom was a friend of Rose Mofford.  Rose was the first woman governor of Arizona and Saturday was the first anniversary of her death.  To find this picture on that day  meant a lot.   I love my mom's smile on her face.   So much of what we found today brought back memories of her.    I can only say that when all is said and done and this chapter of my life is closed, it will be with much love and great memories.
I will be back the first two weeks in October to finish packing, etc    Judy and Kerri will come the second week which is their fall break.    Our Phoenix cousins will be here  some of the time to help.

I also have my 50th class reunion that last weekend and that will be a nice diversion.   I wasn't sure if I would go or not because I didn't know the timeline for the house.   I know that it is going to be very difficult for me to come back to Douglas and not stay at 858.     

I am grateful we still have the cabin.   That is such an important part of my childhood (and adult) memories.

As hard as this is, I really want it to be done and to bring that closure so that I can move forward.

Memories of the good times can never be taken away.    This is the end of our family's 105 years of living in Douglas, Arizona.    For the first time in that many years, there will be no Scott's in Douglas.    And our family contributed so much  through the years at many different levels.   

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