Friday, September 8, 2017

Pismo Beach to Long Beach (94 Days, please scroll down)

Today I checked out of the hotel in Pismo Beach and headed to Long Beach.    Not sure why I chose Long Beach other than Cameron and I had driven this way in December,  2012.   That trip we did all of the aquariums, museums, etc.   This trip is purely for me to relax and try to refresh.

It is a beautiful drive.   The traffic wasn't bad until I got into the LA area.    But I have a good book I am listening to in the car, so it was enjoyable  And I absolutely love my new Honda CR-V.   It almost drives itself and Apple Car is amazing!!!

I went through Santa Barbara and remembered the years we spent there with our families when Eddie was becoming a priest.  I was really young, but have very fond memories.   Went by Montecito and that is where Yaya was when she was becoming a nun.    Brought back a lot of memories.    

Didn't realize that I would pass through Westlake Village, but I did.   John and Joan lived there for several years and we spent a few days with them one summer when my kids were little.   I remember going to the beach with them where we had a barbeque and the kids got to play at the ocean,  Great memories from my childhood and from when my kids were little.    I am so thankful for the family that we have always giving us a place to stay--especially when I didn't have much money for hotels during that time.

When I got to the Hilton here in Long Beach, I had to wait a bit for my room.   So I went to the bar and had a Bloody Mary.   Met this incredible guy who has a national HR recruiting firm.   We had such a great conversation about how relationships are so much more important than interviews--my "NAGGING" all of the time about how you hire people.

Not much to say tonight.  Just want to make sure that I have this trip written down.    No fancy words, sayings or pictures.   Just the "facts, ma'am!"

Talked to Judy today and made plans to be in Douglas next weekend and the first two weeks in October to clean out 858 and put it on the market.   I have been dreading this more than I can even explain,   But it has to happen and I can't have that cloud hanging over me anymore.  This will definitely be another post (or three or four or more)!!

Loved Pismo and intend to go back.   What a beautiful place--so calm, serene and relaxing.  I loved it there.

Watching the news now and wondering what is going on in our universe....   First Houston and Harvey and now Florida and Irma.  And the horrible earthquake in Mexico earlier.   I am wondering if we are being punished for all of the prejudice and awful things that are happening in our country today with our "leader" being  such a horrible human being who cares nothing about anyone.   It makes me sad.    

The only hope I have is that we can possibly finally have a dialog in our country about how we treat ALL humans.     


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