Tuesday, September 12, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 67 (Remembering Trips to California)

Kerri and I drove to California last week to bring Pedro to Cameron.  Cameron is staying with Patrick in Oakland until he goes into the Air Force.   We think that will probably be around end of October, November, or December.   No rush on this.   Cameron was such an important part of Tia's life the last few years, that we are not pushing anything.

I think it was very important for him to get "away from us" in Arizona and get with Patrick in Oakland for so many reasons.   He has had a hard time grieving and this gives him some space before he joins the Air Force.   He scored so incredibly high on all of his scores that he is being sought out like a college athlete.  They really want his brain.

At the beginning, it was the Army, but fortunately, Ken (Cameron's uncle) got involved and now the Air Force is his option.  He scored incredibly high on the linguistics test and that is what he will be doing.  He has such a bright future and has so much to contribute to our country.  (But the part that makes me crazy is that we have to have a president who isn't unstable to make this happen.)

As Kerri and I drove from Gilbert to Oakland, it reminded me of the many trips that we took to Sacramento when I was a kid.   We didn't have air conditioning so we often left late at night.  I don't know how my mom did this. 

I remember us stopping and staying with Guerra and Cy in Covina.  I remember one time my mom had a horrible sun burn from driving during he day.   

But it was so important for us to get to Sacramento and spend time with Dot and her family.  These are some of my best memories of childhood.  

When I first got my license, we drove to California for one of the weddings--I think either Kathy's or Jean's.  It was in January and I have a very good recollection of the fog and I was driving and being very scared.   I know we pulled over and my mom took over.    I think that would have been 1965 so it had to be Jean's wedding.

I will always value that I was a bridesmaid in Kathy's wedding and that we could be out there for Jean's wedding.   

As we drove along the way, it reminded me of all of the times we went to California.   When I was a kid, our vacations involved family, not visiting the "sites."    And that is what is most important. 

I loved going to Sacramento and I loved my Aunt Dot.   Of course, I loved our Uncle Ed and all of the cousins, but I always felt I had a special relationship with her.  And I know I did.   She played a HUGE part in my upbringing and I will always remember that.  She called me as an adult when things weren't going great for me and I will never forget that.

One of my favorite memories of her was when Kerri was about two and she was there.  Kerri ran out of the gate in Douglas and  headed to the street.  I was so upset with her and I remember spanking her for doing this.   Then I felt bad.  Dot said to me when I felt so bad--"would you rather have a dead child, or a child with a sore butt."  I will never forget that statement.  Because as parents, we sometimes take out our worries on our kids.   

Every time I hear her favorite song--Bobbie Daren's Mack the Knife, I cry a bit."  She was such an amazing roll model and she is/was someone I will always cherish.  I am blessed to have the positive roll models like her in my life.

And the trip last week, reminded me of all of the trips we took to get to be with family.   I love this more than I can ever express.   

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