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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 76 (Teresa-Citizen of the Year)

Another incredible find in Douglas was this.   It was all of the information when Teresa was Citizen of the Year in 1994.    It was such an incredible experience as many of our family "secretly" came to Douglas to surprise Teresa.   She had no idea that everyone was going to be there and she was so touched by the family being there.  I remember everyone hiding in the kitchen of the Country Club and then coming out one by one to surprise her.

All of the family wore the buttons that are shown in the pictures above.   It was a great night and a great tribute that so many family members were there!!

Here is the article from the Douglas Dispatch.

Teresa Scott is the 
Citizen of the Year

The  Douglas Chamber of Commerce had its 29th Annual Awards Banquet last Saturday evening at the Douglas Golf and Social Club.

The highlight of this event is the announcement of the selection of the Citizen of the Year.   Teresa Scott was the recipient, in a presentation last year's winner, John Meeks.  There were many members of Teresa's family and friends present for the occasion, including a significant out of town delegation.

Scott served the City of Douglas for many years before retiring as chief bookkeeper,and has devoted her life to helping out a wide variety of organizations with her time and skills.   She learned computers at an age when most have stopped learning and applied that knowledge to providing much needed booking and payroll services to community groups.

Among her clients, served without charge are Loretto School, St. Luke's Parish, Immaculate Conception Parish, Douglas Association for Retarded Citizens and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Teresa's comment Saturday night reveals one of the reasons she was selected.  Wen asked about her reaction to being selected as Citizen of the Year, she modestly answered "I don't deserve it, but I'll take it!"

Here is her nomination:

1994's Citizen of the Years was born in Douglas and with the exception of several school years, has been a life-long resident of Douglas.   The family, including the recipient's parents and siblings,  has had an active role in the promotion of and service to the community, and this service has been carried out quietly and consistently throughtout our recipient's life.

After three decades of employment with the City of Douglas, our recipient retired to a busy life of continued service to many in the community.   Starting a computer service following retirement, this person is providing bookkeeping services, in some cases at no cost, to Loretto School, St. Luke's Church, Immaculate Conception Church and others.  Douglas Association for Retarded Citizens, St. Luke's finance committee and the St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store are additional interests.

It is not unusual to find our citizen providing day care for friends so that they might have several hours or an afternoon away from their care-giving duties and this is done with love and compassion.  Our citizen has been an active member of Beta Sigma Phi for many years and has taken an active role in the selection of the Lady of the Year on numerous occasions.

A friend of the community, a loving sister and aunt, devoted Mother and doting Grandmother, 1994's most deserving citizen of the year--Teresa Scott.  


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