Friday, September 15, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 70 (Thoughts from our friend, Lorie)

I received this message from a very dear friend from Douglas.    Her husband, Art, and my mom were great friends.   Art and Judy went to school together.   Art and Lorie moved back to Douglas as Art worked for Phelps Dodge when the western division offices were there.  Lorie was a teacher.

My mom kept "bugging" me about getting in touch with Lorie after they moved to the valley when PD moved their offices to Phoenix.     

I hired a great kindergarten teacher one year and needed another.   So my new teacher recommended her friend and it was Lorie.   I hired her immediately and she taught at Gilbert El for many years. She retired after I left Gilbert El.

Lorie was an exceptional kindergarten teacher.  She was Cameron's teacher and he was a handful, but she loved him and still does.   And I know he feels the same way about her.

Here is the message she sent me that touched my heart:

I also have to tell you a story.   A story about a nervous teenager working her first "real job" in a professional setting.  This teenager was a quiet girl, wanting so badly to make a good impression and do a good job.   Her father had probably pulled a few strings, and loving her dad and wanting to make him proud of her, she put on a good face and went to that summer job hoping she wouldn't disappoint even though she felt totally out of her element.  She was very nervous about being in this environment with all these important people and their important positions.
Luckily for this young girl, there was a kind woman working in one of the other departments, who stopped by almost everyday to see how the unsure teenager was doing, offering encouragement and tips, and making the young girl feel more confident and outgoing.   
At the end of that summer job, this young girl learned to be a part of a professional environment, was not afraid to ask questions and get help if she needed it.   She learned an appreciation for what it took to be a small part of a city government, and that even small jobs are important.
That young girl will never forget the kindness showed to her that summer, or the lessons she learned because someone offered a gentle, guiding hand. That simple kindness has made a life long impression.
I imagine that you already guessed that young girl was me...and the gracious, kind woman was Aunt Teresa.   
I worked one summer at City Hall....mostly counting and rolling the coins from the parking meters.  I was in a little room by myself surrounded by all of these important adults, and although most everyone was nice enough that summer, no one else took the time or personal interest Teresa did to me me feel comfortable, and at that time I really was a shy, probably awkward teenager.   Teresa was my life line.  I will never forget her for that kindness.   She really had a heart and a sense for reaching out to those who might not be able to reach out for ourselves. 
Here's to you, Aunt Teresa.   Your legacy of kindness will always live on.
Lorie, thank you for sharing this story!!  I love this!!!

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