Thursday, September 7, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 62 (Video of Teresa after cancer)

Teresa had breast cancer twice in her later life.   I believe that the second time was in 2009. The first time was 12 years earlier.    

I remember her spending time with us during her radiation treatments the first time.  She would drive to Banner Desert for the radiation and never complained about anything.  The only thing I ever saw was that it really tired her out.

When it came back the second time, she asked the doctor to do a double mastectomy and she did.  Fortunately, the type of breast cancer she had was one that was treatable and the treatment was successful.   Because of her age, she didn't want to deal with this again and that is why she had the mastectomy.

I took this video to post on our family Facebook page. I love this as it is truly who Teresa was as a person. She was always so kind, gentle and humble.   

These many posts that I have been writing about her and about our family and friends have been very therapeutic for me.  It is helping me work through this grieving process.

What a survivor she was!!!

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