Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Road Trip Back to Arizona (please scroll down for my 94 day posts).

My view from an incredible hotel in Pismo Beach.   Driving back from Oakland to Arizona.   Have two days here and two days in southern California.   Should be back in Gilbert Sunday.   However, I did give myself an extra day just in case....   Have to be back Tuesday for interviews for our new GPS Superintendent.     
I needed this break so much.   My lungs/voice have been out of whack since Teresa's final funeral/burial on August 5.    My voice is finally back after three doctors, etc.  But my lungs are still congested.    
It is so nice to have quiet and peaceful times for a few days.     It has been relaxing and I love my new CRV.   I hardly have to drive it as there are so many safety features.  And I love Apple Car Play.   The navigation is incredible and love to be able to listen to my books on tape.
Went to dinner at  a great restaurant a ways down from the hotel.   Had the BEST fish tacos ever.   I love this place and want to come back and spend more time here.  
It may seem strange, but I really need some alone time.   I need to get my voice back, my lungs functioning again, and to just relax.     
I have been to the Caribbean in the summers of 2015 and 2016.    This is so much closer and not so expensive.  I  think I have found my new favorite place (other than the Chirichuas).    

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