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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 65 (Dedication of St. Luke's Hall)

My mom. Teresa, Grandma, and Johnny were  all founding members of St. Luke's Parish in Douglas. It was opened in 1951.   Prior to that, we had belonged to Immaculate Conception Parish.   St. Luke's originally was an old chapel from the WW II Air Base that was in Douglas.   They moved it to 15th Street.  It was across the street from what is now the new church (built in about 1971 I think).   Where the old church stood is now a parking lot.  All of my childhood memories of St. Luke's were with the old church and with the hall across the street.

Father Michael McGovern was the founding pastor.   He became a very dear friend of our family.  He presided at weddings and funerals through the years.    He was Judy's Godfather because he was instrumental in Teresa getting to adopt Judy.   I thought the world of him.  I remember several years ago when he was dying from cancer, Judy and I went to say good-bye to him.  It was so hard.

I found this program in the desk in Douglas.    I am not sure what A-M-D-G stands for.


 Dedication and Silver Tea

St. Luke's Parish Hall 

Sunday,  August 5, 1951
(Ironically August 5th was the day that Teresa's funeral mass was at St. Luke's)


5:00 P.M.    Blessing of Hall

5:30 P.M.    Dance by Dawn Jamieson

5:45 P.M.    Dance by Margaret and Jim Critchley

6:00 P.M.    Yolanda's  Dancing Pupils


7:00 P.M.   Songs by Barbara Muheim
                     Dedication Speech by
                      Gilbert Alvarez

The dedication of our new Home marks the first milestone in the journey of St. Luke's Parish towards success.  It is a fitting tribute to the zeal, cooperation, and interest of the parishioners.  It is my pleasure to say, "This Hall will always be at their service, and I trust they will avail themselves of the facilities if offers.  

The Hall can, and please God, will be a center from which will radiate a truly Catholic Parish Spirit for the edification of all, and the greater Honor and Glory of God.

Father Michael McGovern, Pastor


Fr. Reinweiler      Fr. Sierra      Fr. Cullinan


Mrs. R. Borane
Mrs. M. Shannon
Cyrill Teague
Mrs. H. Benton
Louis Acosta
Frank Noebels
Emcee-- E. M. Specht

We  had so many fun activities at the hall when I was growing up.    We had carnivals, dinners, tamales making..... I always remember the ladies making tamales would make ones for me with just masa.

In 1977 when we had our first Scott Family Reunion, we had a dinner at the Hall.   Friends were invited to that event.  (And our family wasn't so big and could fit into it.)

When the new church was built, my mom and Teresa purchased the cross behind the altar in our grandparent's memory.   When I was in Douglas, there was an electrical fire and there was quite a bit of damage done.  However, the cross was not harmed.   For about six months, masses were held at A Avenue School in the multipurpose room while the church was being "fixed."   A Avenue had closed a few years before and it was a perfect location right across the street from St. Luke's.

Both mom and Teresa loved St. Luke's.     They were incredibly supportive of it all through the years. That is why it was so important for me to have a mass down there for Teresa.    She loved St. Luke's and was so well respected in the parish.

Here is a picture of the old St. Luke's Church that I found on Douglas History Facebook page:


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