Monday, September 4, 2017

94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 59 (Old Friends--The Sotos)

One of the many blessings of growing up in a small town is the relationships with families that are built through the years.   My mom's best friend from first grade was Lolita.   Lolita married Warren who was stationed in Douglas during WWII.   He was a career Air Force officer.  Through the years growing up they would live in Douglas periodically when Warren was stationed overseas.  I always loved it when they were there.    

Lolita was one of four sisters.  My mom was dear friends with Guerra who was just a little bit younger than them.   She and her husband, Cy, would com to Douglas to visit Mama Lola, their mother, often during the summers.  During those days, we used to go into Mexico for different things just like we go to the grocery store here.  Agua Prieta is the town right on the other side of Douglas and it was very easy to go there and get back through customs.   In those days, the U.S. allowed anyone to bring back a gallon of alcohol.  So when they came to visit, they would pile all of us kids in the back of my uncle Johnny's truck and we would go over and purchase their years supply of booze!  What a memory!

Mote was the youngest sister and she lived in Douglas.   After retirement, both Lolita and Guerra and their families moved back to Douglas.   Our families are closely entwined through the years.   

Lolita died in July of 2002 just before my mom died that October.  My mom was in a group home because of the stroke she had.   I will never forget having to go over and tell her and I know how upsetting it had to have been for her to lose her life long friend and not be able to go to the funeral.  At that time, my mom couldn't walk anymore because of the stroke.   It was heartbreaking to me to have to tell her this news.

But as I said, we had such good memories of growing up with all of the "Soto's" extended family.

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