Monday, June 1, 2015

Count Down to Twenty-Nine Days--Resource East

As I talked about in early posts, I was originally a special education teacher.   After I became a regular classroom teacher, I usually had a lot of special education students in my classroom because of this previous experience.   I always appreciated this opportunity to work with diverse groups of children.  I loved having kids of all abilities and all children have special abilities in different areas.

One year, I had 11 special ed students in my class of 30 (I think).    Our special ed teacher, Lennie Grobstein, dubbed my classroom "resource east."   It was great working with Lennie and her staff during those years.   We also had a wonderful reading specialist, Jean Webster, who was great to work with, too.   Jean used to come to my classroom with her accordion and play "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."  I lovingly called her, Jeanie Weinie!!    About six years ago, I got a call on St. Patrick's Day at my house in Gilbert and it was Jean singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."   Jean had been retired many years by then, and it was so great to hear her beautiful voice!

I worked with wonderful children of many great abilities during those years and I am still in contact with many of them, which means the world to me!   

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Nancy Proffitt said...

I'm just catching up and so happy that you are on such a special vacation with your family. Say hi to all and continue having FUN!!!