Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Twenty-Seven Days--First Annual 50th

Another great story from the Patterson days.......    My friend and fellow teacher, Mary Larson, was having a birthday coming up in October.  Can't remember which year as it was so LONG ago.  Anyway, I think she was going to be 41 or 42 years old that birthday.   I jokingly said that I was going to have her 50th birthday party for her.   Several  people actually believed it and Mary was none too happy with me!!!

So was born a series of parties to celebrate Mary's 50th birthday.  That year was the first annual 50th birthday party.   We had seven or eight more (2nd annual, 3rd annual)....  It became quite a tradition.  There was even one year when Mary didn't come to one of her birthday parties, but we held it anyway.

The best part was when she actually turned 50, I was now the principal at Gilbert El so I didn't have to do anything that year.  Behind her back, David and I planned a big get together at my house after her actual birthday.   Judy and Tom Moriarity even came from California and I believe one of her kids lived out of town and was there.   She had NO idea and was very surprised.   It was great to have the REAL 50th birthday party and to surprise her like that!

Oh, to be only 50 again!!!!!!!

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