Saturday, June 6, 2015

Last Day in Paradise!

The Caribbean vacation has come to an end.  I just finished packing everything as we have to be up and out by 5:00 a.m.    American Airlines says to be there 180 minutes before the flight.  Patrick called and we don't really need to be there that early.  But he has enough of his mother in him to want to be "on time" so we will be leaving here early.   

It has been a wonderful eight days.  I have so enjoyed spending time with my kids.   Depending on what happens in my life as far as a job is concerned, this might be the last  big one!!!    It has been an amazing eight days!

I would never have thought to come to this island.  It is a wonderful place.  It is not terribly expensive and people are really laid back which is what I have needed in my life for quite some time!!!

We have a long layover in Miami tomorrow.   Don't get back to Phoenix until almost 10.   Judy will pick us up and Teresa will be at the house to go back with me to Douglas for the final few weeks that we will be there.

I love the relaxed life style here.   People are very friendly and very nice.  It is not a tourist trap and that has been so nice.   I will post pictures in later blog posts as there have been so many beautiful places.

Ireland is still my favorite place to visit and I hope to go there again someday.  But I would come back here in a minute.  

So what ever life brings my way in the next several years, the memories here will never be gone.  

Kerri says she isn't going back.  Cameron wants to go back so I may have to "adopt" him if she isn't on the plane tomorrow!!!  Things could be worse!!!!

What a great eight days!!!!!!!!!!!

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