Monday, June 22, 2015

Eight Days--Who Says You Can't Go Home?

When I was teaching, I never thought I wanted to be a principal.  After several years in the classroom, I decided that I would like to get my administrative certification and that is when I went back to school.    I absolutely loved the 20 years that I spent at Gilbert El!   I have liked every position I have held in education, but being an elementary principal is the best job in the world!!!

I never had any aspirations to be a superintendent, but I did get my superintendent's certification when I was working on my principal one.   My wonderful aunt Teresa was living in Douglas alone in the house she was born in and where I was raised.     

Our family was a bit worried about her being alone as she was 88.   In June of 2010, I found out that the superintendent position in Douglas had been reopened when the District did not find anyone in the first search.   So after talking to my family, I decided to apply for it so that I could live with her.   My thought at the time was if I get it great, but if I don't, I have a job that I love.  Well I got it!  I remember packing up my office in one week in July and moving down here.   It was very quick and I didn't have time to even process it all.

I started here July 26, 2010.    School started very quickly after that I so I was thrown in the proverbial "frying pan" very quickly.    

Douglas was a great place to grow up in and I wanted to be able to give back to this community that played a major role in who I am today.   And being able to be with Teresa has been a blessing in so many ways.   

These past five years are probably the worst that someone could be a superintendent because of the funding cuts that have hit Arizona.   There is not a level playing field in this state and I continue to be amazed at the work that the educators here in Douglas do on a daily basis under sometimes difficult circumstances.   

What a five years it has been!!!   Retiring and leaving Douglas is very bittersweet.   I have made some incredible friends here.     Last week I met with all of the District Office employees individually to say good-bye.  There were many tears.   I am going to miss so many of these wonderful people.  

It has been a blessing on many levels and I know that the District is in a better place than when I came five years ago.   It has been quite an experience at so many levels and I will always be so glad that I have been able to be here for these past five years and give back to this community that I love very much!!!!


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