Friday, June 5, 2015

Day Twenty-Five--Last Year in the Classroom

My last year of teaching was a great year at Houston Elementary School.   I had my very first (and only) student teacher, Carrie Campbell Gale, and she was wonderful.  It was good to have her in my classroom as I had a lot of duties as GEA president.  

I met with Dr. Delecki on a regular basis and that was truly the beginning of a great friendship.   

I had started taking Ed Leadership classes at ASU during the summer and got 12 hours completed.  I already had several hours in special ed that I had taken previously, but didn't finish that Master's at the time.  I took six hours during the year, so between teaching, my kids, GEA....... I was very busy.  That is why Carrie was such a help that last semester.

I continued to work with great people.  Pat O. was still my IA   I had a great group of kids and new most of them as Houston split from Patterson.   I learned a lot from Sherryl Valentine about positive school programs.

At the time, I didn't know it would be my last year of teaching and that other opportunities would be coming my way.    

It was also the last year for my Bisbee trip with my students.   Patrick was in third grade that year.  Although he was not in my class, I was able to take him on the trip as I had Kerri when she was in third grade.  

I am so glad that I ended that part of my educational career with such a positive experience!!

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