Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day Twenty-Three--Principalship YEAH!

I finished the year as HR Director and knew that it was only for that year.  I was finishing up my administrative certification and would be ready for a principalship.   There were two openings that I was interested in for the 89-90 school year.  One was the principal of Gilbert Elementary, one was for the new school that was opening, Val Vista Lakes Elementary.

I really wanted to go VVL as I wanted to start a new school with new traditions, etc.  However, Wally had other plans and wanted me to go to Gilbert El.  And I cannot thank him enough for giving me that opportunity! 

That first year the Gilbert El was being remodeled so we moved to the holding school.   I mentioned this before.  Gilbert had a school made up of portable buildings that was used almost every year as a different school while schools were being built.  The growth was tremendous and this was the only way they District could keep up with it.  I had actually taught at the holding school the year before when it was Houston.  

We had about 650 students who all had to be bused and that in itself was quite an experience.  The students had all walked to school previously.

The staff was pretty much set but I was able to bring Patty Montgomery with me as she and I had taught together at Patterson.  I was also able to hire one new teacher for kindergarten, Kami Nicholas.   I had worked with many of the teachers previously and it was great to work with them in this capacity.   

I will always be grateful to Belinda Burrow and Ciria Virzuela, our office staff.  They helped me out so much and made my first year as principal so much better.

I have much to share about those years--just hope I have enough posts left!!

Being principal of Gilbert El for 20 years was the best job in the whole world!!   

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