Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ten Days--Quality EDUATION!

I have always tried to make sure that I don't have typos or misspellings when I write.  However, sometimes it happens.  Most of the time it isn't any big deal, but other times it can become  quite the news story!

The year before I became principal at Gilbert El, there was a fairly big spelling error on the marquee.  It said, "Quality EDUATION Week" and had the dates.  Of course, it was picked up by the local media and was in the newspaper.   Like most stories, it was soon forgotten.

However during my first year, Jay Leno got a copy of the picture and it was on the Tonight Show---"Meanwhile, in Gilbert, Arizona, they have "Quality EDUATION Week."  You can only imagine how embarrassing this was!!  I remember Dr. Delecki being a bit upset by us being made fun of on national television!  (I wonder why???)  I remember him telling all of the administrators at many a meeting to please check our marquees!!

Although this did not happen under my watch, the Tonight Show story was when I was principal!  Needless to say, when I gave our building manager (who was not the one who had misspelled education) what was to go on the marquee, I was always very careful and I always checked after the message was put up on the marquee!!!  It is not so great to be made fun of by the likes of Jay Leno, especially on national television!

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