Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Twenty Days--Summer Hiring and Growth

The growth happening in Gilbert during those days was amazing!!  At that time, elementary principals were on a 10 1/2 month contract.  Because I had done HR for that period of time, I continued to work every summer assisting with the enormous amount of hiring that had to be done to keep up with the growth.  I would meet with the candidates that were recommended by principals, do a short interview, and then determine salary and benefits, etc.   Each candidate who was recommended was given a letter of intent.  Most of the MANY teachers I hired during those days accepted on the spot.  Some summers between 200 and 300 teachers were hired and I did a lot of the hiring.  I did this every summer from 1989 until 2001 when principals went to 12 month contract. Gilbert did not pay as well as surrounding Districts, but during those days most teachers wanted to work here.   It was because of the positive environment that was created by the leadership of Wally Delecki and I saw it first hand.   What I learned is that people will take less money in order to be valued and treated with dignity and respect!!!   Being able to hire all of these teachers was an incredible experience as it was always so positive because "they were getting jobs in a great district!"

At the same time, Gilbert El was starting to grow.   New housing was being built and we started to outgrow our campus.   So came the portables!!    There was a time that we had over 1200 students and my staff was well over 100.   When I look back on it now, I don't know how I did this all by myself as the only administrator!  But times were different and the accountability from the state and feds was nothing like it is today (and I was a lot younger)!   I was able to hire some incredible teachers who had student taught at Gilbert El, as well as others who transferred in or were hired from the outside.    It was a great blending of experienced teachers and new teachers!  In addition, the support staff grew and there so many great people who came to work as classified staff.  My philosophy has always been and will always continue to be that everyone contributes to the success of an organization no matter what duties he/she might have.   It takes everyone working together to accomplish the tasks at hand!  I believe that philosophy has served me well!!

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