Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Curacao - Day 4

Today was a day to relax and not have anything to do.  That will change tomorrow.  We went shopping in downtown and there are so many tourist shops.   There was also a cruise ship that was docked, so there were tons of people.

After shopping, we came back to the villa and decided to go to another beach.  We actually went to two beaches--one was an all inclusive and there were a lot of people there and also a charge.  We had taken in a cooler and they didn't want this.  So we left.

We went to Caracus Beach which was pretty much deserted but very beautiful.  I am getting much more acclimated to the water, even though it is a bit cold.  Today's water was warmer and it was equally as beautiful.

Kerri bought some goggles and we were able to use them to see the fish and it was cool.   We ended up the day at the restaurant on the beach which was truly authentic cuisine.   I don't think I am a picky eater, but I am in terms of trying local food.  I had ribs, rice and plantain.  It was okay and I ate enough to get full.  Even though the food wasn't that great, the atmosphere was and that is what is important to me at this time.  
 Tomorrow we have a boat trip and i think it will be great.  Looking forward to it even though we have to be there at 6:45.

Curacao is absolutely beautiful and it is not a typical tourist attraction from what I can tell,  So it has been a great experience.

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