Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Days--Twenty-Eight--"The Witch"

I have a couple of funny stories to share in the next couple of posts that had to do with those Patterson days.   I mentioned in a previous post about the one and only time I paddled some students.  It was my first year teaching and it was a DISASTER!  I knew then that I would never do it again.

Those days were very different and paddling was acceptable.   Leona, our wonderful principal, very rarely paddled but every now and then she did to get a point across.   I remember one Halloween I was dressed up as a witch.  (Those of you who know me know how much I don't like things like this).   Anyway, I had the whole costume thing going and I went to the office for some reason.   As I was walking through the office, Leona came out of her office and asked me to step in.  She was going to paddle a student and needed a witness.  So here I am--the witch--witnessing the paddling of a student!  I am not sure who was more traumatized--me or the student (as my previous experience with paddling had been so awful).   Anyway, I never had to witness another paddling and I never dressed up as a witch (or anyone else) for Halloween at school!!

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Nancy Proffitt said...

You are just cracking me up as you go down memory lane. Glad you are enjoying your vacation! Great picture of you and Patrick!!!!