Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seven Days--Potato Bar

As I stated before, the last several years have been extremely difficult for education in Arizona because of the lack of funding.  It is so sad to think that we are now 50th in the United States.  Our children deserve so much better than this.   Teachers also deserve to be compensated appropriately, as well as support staff.    I believe that this was the most difficult part of my job in that we haven't been able to give raises for such a long time.  I know most districts are in similar positions.  

Although it doesn't take the place of financial compensation, it has always been important to me to try to create as positive an environment to work in as possible.   And I have tried to do this here.   Being a superintendent is so different than being at a site, but I still wanted to have a good working environment.

A tradition that I started was to have a "potato bar" in March around St. Patrick's Day here at the District Office.   The first year, I got all of the ingredients.  Each year after that, we added local ingredients like salsa, jalapenos, etc.   And of course, I had them listen to my Irish music!   That is one of the "perks" of being the superintendent, I had a captive audience so to speak!!

My last Monday of work, all of the District Office staff surprised me with a lunch.  Guess what it was---baked potatoes.   They had carne asada on them and they were delicious.  And Sonya made a beautiful and delicious cake with my picture on it.  And they even played Irish music!!

I am going to miss these wonderful, hardworking and dedicated people!    They are awesome and I feel blessed to have worked with them these last five years!!!

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