Thursday, June 4, 2015

Twenty-six days---New School and GEA

As I have written in previous posts, Gilbert was really starting to grow in the late 80's.  My last two years at Patterson, Leona went to the District Office and we had a new principal, Steve Nance.   We had a great two years and he was wonderful about all of the pranks that we "pulled" after Leona left.  I am sure at times, he didn't know what to do with all of us!!  (Right Wendy?)

Patterson was splitting again and several of us moved to the new school, Houston Elementary.  It was housed at the district holding school which is now Mesquite Elementary while it was being built.  Because Gilbert was growing so quickly, there were years when it was difficult to keep up with the growth--hence the "holding school" which I will write more about later.

That summer, we got together with our new principal, Sherryl Valentine, to start traditions at Houston.   We also met with the principal (Susan Harrison) and staff of the Islands as it also opened the same year.  I was going to teach third grade still.  I was excited at the opportunity to start a new school.

The previous year, I had decided to start my Masters (again), but this time in Educational Leadership.  I was accepted at ASU and was scheduled to start the fall of 1987--my first year at Houston Elementary.

I had another opportunity that year that truly helped me grow as an educator and it was really an "accidental" opportunity.  I had belonged to the Gilbert Education Association, but as my kids got older and finances got tighter, I didn't belong.   One day, our wonderful GEA rep, Nancy Proffit, was in the lounge asking if anyone would be willing to be GEA president.  She went all around the room and I jokingly (I thought) said, "I will if my dues are paid."  Next thing I know, I am the GEA president and my dues were paid!!!  I didn't have to campaign, have a slogan, buy stickers, or anything.  It was just that simple!!!  But what a great experience it was and I learned so much that year!!! 

And of course, I always have to find a way to have some fun!  So I decided to have a party to celebrate my ELECTION as GEA President.  So I held an "Inaugural Brawl" which turned out to be tons of fun!   Never missed a chance to have a good party at my house!!!

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