Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thirteen Days Tigerfest/burros

Every year our PTSO had a carnival called the Tigerfest.   One year I volunteered to make some green chili meat and beans for one of the grade levels that had a booth.  I learned to cook great green chili meat and beans from Mary, the wonderful lady who raised us here in Douglas.    It turned out to be a very popular fundraiser so I got "drafted" into doing this every year.  

It became quite a production.  Our wonderful PTSO would buy about 100 pounds of chuck roasts, cook, shred, and freeze them.  Then on the Friday before the Tigerfest, they would deliver it all to my house and I would make the green chili.  For a couple of years I tried to cook all of the meat, but it was too much.  So the ladies helped me out.  Even then, it took me most of the day to make the green chili meat.     On Friday night, I would start cooking the beans and cook them all night.  One year when I was a teacher, my class gave me this great pot that I use to this day.  I was able to cook about 10  pounds of beans.  Of course, I checked on them during the night.  I got up early Saturday, mashed them and added the ingredients that Mary taught me to add.

This became a great tradition and the burritos usually sold out.  We even had families who no longer attended Gilbert El come back and buy them.  

I love to cook and this was always fun.   There were times when we would have some type of contest and the class that won would get a bean burro lunch from me.   

I am sure that there is some health code that I didn't follow, but if that is the worst thing I have done, I am not worried.  

I did give me "secret" recipe to Dottie Dawn after I left Gilbert El and she continues to do this for the yearly festival!

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