Monday, June 29, 2015

One Day Left--Signing the Safe

A few weeks ago, I signed the safe which is a tradition here in the District.   Signatures of superintendents go back to 1905.  The first one is Thomas Grindell 1903-1905.  At the top of the safe door, it says that Mr. Grindell was the first principal and was lost in the Sonoran Desert in 1905 and never heard from again.   Don't know how true that is......

This safe is amazing!    It is built into the wall.  It is still functional and is used to store some things, but of course not any money (as we don't have money to store)!  It is built into the wall in the main office.

So my signature now resides as a part of the history of the Douglas Unified School District!  What an honor it has been to be a part of this District!

There is a saying that you can't go home again.  Well I came home and it has been extremely rewarding!  I leave behind so many fond memories and cherished relationships! It is sad to say good-bye!

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