Thursday, June 4, 2015

Curacao-Day 6

Today could have been an entire Chevy Chase Vacation movie!!!  Patrick, Kerri, Cam and I were scheduled to take jet skis at 1:30.   I asked as we left the house if I would have to walk much.  I want to walk a lot so I can get my steps in, but I need good shoes.  Well, we weren't supposed to walk that much so I wore my swim shoes that keep my feet from being cut up by rocks.  They have been great for the water, but not for walking.

We got to downtown and parked and then started the excursion trying to find the place for the jet skis.  It wasn't a pretty sight and I walked and walked and developed blisters.  Turns out that the place we were to go was 20 minutes across the city, but the directions didn't say that.   Patrick felt so bad and as I told him, if this is the worst thing that happens, we are in good shape.  Plus it makes for a great story.

We had not taken a phone, any money or a credit card with us as we thought we would be out on the ocean for three hours.  Fortunately, we were able to find Eduardo and his mom fairly quickly after a very long walk!!  Patrick called and hopefully they will refund the money as they didn't totally explain everything.  

Then we had a series of funny things happen that could have made an episode or a movie!!!  The best part is being able to laugh about things and not get upset.  I have been really trying to "learn" this and practice it.

The good part is we ate at a small cafe in downtown and I had the BEST food I have had since I have been here.  It was just a small place and very delicious.

We got back to the house and are just relaxing now.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow or Saturday so we will see how things go.  

It has been a great six days so far.  I just missed getting in the water today!!!

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