Sunday, June 28, 2015

Two Days--Great Board Members

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the importance of a good Board to a school district.   Through the years I have had the privilege to work with some great Board members.  In Gilbert, I worked some excellent Board members--Julia McCleve, Myrna Sheppard, and Don Skousen.  Julia, Myrna and Don were on the Board when I became a principal.  I also taught two of Julia's children at Patterson.  Not only were they good Board members, they are great people!!!

At the superintendent level, the relationship with the board is completely different.  Although I thought I knew about this, I also have to say I have learned a lot.   It has been my goal to keep the board informed of the happenings.  When we have had a crisis, I have called them personally.  Unfortunately, there have been too many of those!   I am sure that they sometimes cringe when they get a call from me!   I also have done a weekly update each Friday and let them know what has happened during the week.   

In Douglas, I have had some wonderful people on our Board and I would like to thank them as my days are winding down.  Chuck Hoyack was the Board president when I became the superintendent.   Although we only worked together for six months, I have valued him and have enjoyed my association with him during these years.   Susan Kramer, Patty Lopez, and Mario Ramos were also on the Board when I was hired.   Mario was the Board President for two of my years and he was excellent.   We met on a regular basis and he was so supportive!   Susan and Patty have been incredible Board members and I can't thank them enough for their support.  Susan has been on the Board my entire tenure and Patty didn't run again so her term was over in December.  Dr. Ed Gomez was elected during my second year as superintendent.   I have so enjoyed getting to know him and have appreciated his dedication and commitment.  I thank him, too, as he has been great.    Mike Ortega also was elected after I became the superintendent.  He has been the Board President for the past two years.  We also meet on a regular basis and I have learned so much from him about many things.    I am very grateful for these Board members and for their support during these past five years!

When I did my post on Facebook, I neglected to mention a few people who were great Board members and I apologize to them.    They are E.J. Anderson, Suzy Horvath, and Elaine Morrison.  They all served on the Gilbert Board and I appreciated working with them.  I am excited to work with them again on the current override election!

Through a state committee I serve on, I have come to know Bonnie Sneed, president of the Scottsdale School Board.   She epitomizes everything a good Board member should be!

It is hard to believe that two days remain.   I didn't want to forget these Board members who are such a great influence on what happens in a District!  A good Board makes all of the difference in the direction a District will go and it is of extreme importance, especially today with all of the challenges we face in public education.   Thank you to the dedicated people who put children first!!

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Cheela said...

From Chuck Hoyack:

Thank you, Sheila. This is very kind of you to remember Board members. You did an outstanding job as superintendent at DUSD and I am personally sorry to see you retire. Best wishes to you as you embark on the newest stages in your life. Remember, you will always be a Bulldog! God bless you and take care.